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       Anhui sheng good logistics co., LTD. Is a collection of road transportation、The third party freight forwarders、The inter-city distribution for the integration of across regions、Network、Information technology、And comprehensive logistics enterprises with supply chain management ability,Company will be based on the national development strategy of comprehensive logistics services,Bengbu centered,Implement the national delivery,Network interconnection、Information connectivity、To develop long-term fall to the ground、Warehousing、Urban distribution、Vehicle transportation、The three parties and LCL express business。

       We have numerous renowned domestic enterprises is the main logistics partners;And it is safflower lang、Luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor)、Good friends series food、Microtek furniture、Xi rimmon furniture、Huida sanitary ware、Arrow sanitary ware、Fujian good heat small kind drink、Wenzhou peasant food、Yintai household glass products, such as the national famous brand and DE force bengbu area designated logistics distribution unit,The service level is deep and the vast majority of customer recognition and trust from all walks of life。

       We sincerely invite all over the country large logistics companies and logistics collaboration platform and less-than-one carload line、Three party logistics、Electrical contractor、Express delivery、Large fleet of joint cooperation,With all parties to form compact strategic cooperative partnership,Through the network system,In order to exchange goods,Classification of reservoir generation forms,Give full play to the advantages,Resources complement each other,Shared interests,…

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